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Never Forget #40

Because #40 loves you!

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Some people think that number 40 is Pat Tillman, but those people are wrong.

Number 40 is more than just a number.

We have forty-year old losers who are trying to figure out whether they qualify as old or young.

We have forty kids jammed into a tiny geometry room.

And consequently, forty paper airplanes.

We have forty bricks abandoned in an old warehouse, pitifully waiting for bob the builder to come and 'fix it'.

We have seventy-six trombones, but without the first forty trombones, seventy-six of them would be impossible.

We have south dakota, the fortieth state. Sorry, we have to be educational as well as pointless.

In order to join, you've got to post a request in which you state why #40 is important to you. It can be anything; the fortieth book you've read, the fortieth person you've have (non)consensual sex with. Whatever. Doesn't matter as long as it's good.